’21 Days Theory’ is a 2022 Thai romantic drama directed by Choi Sittichai Chutsiri about two protagonists who are simply called Q and X. Tee Khunakorn Sunatham plays Q, a ‘handsome’ student who tries to do his best at everything, but always misses what he wants by a whisker. When his popular classmate X (Bever Patsapon Jansuppakitkun) challenges him to get campus celebrity Mook to take him to an event in 21 days, Q takes up the bet. This little game between the two students leads to a very random and predictable story that’s spread over four episodes.

Aesthetically, ’21 Days Theory’ looks fluffy and bright, with a lot of good-looking people on the cast. However, their acting skills a little suspect, with nobody standing out with their performance. A large part of blame stands with the weak script, which is filled with silly moments and relationship progressions that are too abrupt. Q’s friendship with his two close classmates is a lot more entertaining and sweet versus his romantic life.

With just four episodes to squeeze in everything, a lot of stuff is just weird. For example, the paranoia displayed by Q’s mother over his blooming friendship with X. The two just hang out like regular students, but the mom starts worrying about her son’s preferences in just a few days of seeing him with a new friend. The writers balance out her inherent homophobia by having a character educate her about how life can be just as good for those who don’t believe in heteronormativity. Regardless, the rushed sub-plot involving the mother to address parental issues was out of place in the high-school themed series. I kind of lost interest by episode three in the show and saw the last episode only out of curiosity – to see how they wrap up the show.

It’s a 5/10 from me.

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