People are baffled by the kind that are perfectly happy going about their business without a ‘significant other’. And no matter how well they know you, they are determined that you have a “secret affair” you do not want to talk about. Or off-course that classic joke about “maybe you swing the other way?”.

Regardless of whether you are a guy or a girl, the subject of your non-existent romantic life seems to be a matter of great intrigue to everybody. “To hell with relationships man”, you say and tell them to shut up or sometimes you do not even bother with that. But after a few days they will ask you about it again.

“Are you seeing someone? No?

A fling then?


You have someone in your eye?

Do you want me to introduce you to someone?

You should socialize more often

You are too picky (yes indeed St Genius)

Go get someone!”

Yes, off-course, I will go shopping for someone and pick somebody that perfectly fits me like the fancy shoes I always wanted but could not afford. Thank You.