Like all sorts of celebrities, Ali Wong found new fans in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic, during the first lockdown, when we all didn’t have an option but to watch something at home if we wanted to ‘chill’, and those additional admirers include me. Her uncensored honesty about the hardships of pregnancy, delivery and being a new mom in the 2018 TV special ‘Hard Knock Wife’ had me in splits. Cut to 2022, Wong still makes a few mom jokes in her new special, but moves a step ahead and talks of the monotony of modern monogamy, her hilarious colonoscopy and of-course – her extra special hubby.

Dressed in a cute read leopard print dress with matching red-glasses, Wong takes some time to get to the good punches, so the first 10-15 minutes or so aren’t as hilarious as fans may expect it to be. She starts off with what feels more of a rant, about the problems of finding a good man when you are a rich successful woman; then moves on to how male stand-up comics have so much more incentive to do what they do. Wong’s best bit in this special is perhaps when she talks about how she dreams of cheating on her husband every five minutes, going on to hilariously explain why she’d probably never act on it. Probably.

Wong’s ability to mix slight theatrics, with dramatic pauses at the right moments, with wild/inappropriate gestures will have viewers in splits. Especially women, because her content his high on ‘male vs female’ issue, like how men are often rewarded for cheating, but wives will be banished into the kingdom of shame. She then goes on to elucidate about her desire of wanting it all, a ‘side piece’ along with a family and career to applause from the audience.

Akin to the previous TV specials, Wong doesn’t shy away from using a lot of personal material, which she blends with clever puns and explicit 18+ jokes. But it’s not all about sex, marriage and feminism, there’s a hilarious section on her getting a colonoscopy, where Wong recalls the doctor telling – “Ali, you are full of shit”. Depending on the kind of humor you prefer, you’d either be grossed out by some jokes or have a hard time controlling your laughter.

Watch it with some friends. Maybe avoid eating if you have an over-active imagination.

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