David O Russell is pulling out all stops for his upcoming film ‘Amsterdam’, not only does he have Christian Bale, Margot Robbie and John David Washington headlining the ensemble cast, he has an arsenal of popular names waltzing in and out of the story, enough to draw all kinds of cinema fans to the theaters. From Hollywood icon Robert De Niro to pop star Taylor Swift, it’s raining stars in Amsterdam!

Now ensemble films can either be entertaining as hell or plain forgettable, and going by David O Russell’s trailer for his new offing, looks like it is going to be the latter. The plot itself is intriguing, set in the 1930s, ‘Amsterdam’ is about three close friends who are prime suspects in the murder case of an old man. Christian Bale leads the quirky trio, he is a witty doctor with a fake eye, Margot Robbie was almost unrecognizable at first glance as a nurse from the 30s, while John David Washington plays an attorney who got his degree from Columbia Law School. Thick as thieves, the three friends must solve the murder mystery or it would be their lives on the line.

The trailer starts off with a confused African-American (Chris Rock) asking the friends why is there a ‘dead white man in a box’ and warning about them about the shit-storm that could ensue. Having directed hits like “American Hustle” and “Silver Linings Playbook” in the past, it seems like David O Russell has another delicious dark comedy up his sleeves! Watch the trailer below.