I am pretty sure there are several self-published writers out there who are doing a shit job when it comes to promoting their books. But I feel like I am doing the shittiest job.

How do you promote a book about dark stuff anyway?

“Hey there, you having a bad Monday? Here’s something to make you feel worse, a poetry collection called “Death & Darker Realms“.

Good thing for me that the book did decent the first week and made it to Amazon top 100, top 10 for a bit in fact, so that was something I could use and say “hey, the book is Amazon top 100, you should check it out”.

Later, I figured I should promote it via Instagram, but Insta in turn told me I needed to have a Facebook page. Grrrrrrr. I barely use Facebook.

So I read up on why should I set up an author page and turned out it’s absolutely essential. It sounded so cringeworthy to me – to set up your own page to promote your book. Narcissistic. Sigh.

Did I set up an author page on Facebook then?


It’s called Writer Sneha Jaiswal.

Follow me will you? On Facebook.