Amazon updates its bestsellers list for fiction books every hour and my debut novel ‘Bad Town Kids’ managed to stay in the top 10 list under ‘Literature and Fiction’ for two days (the weekend). So technically, my book is a bestseller, even if it was temporary glory.

‘Bad Town Kids’ tracks the lives of four friends and how their lives changes over the course of a decade. While their childhood was about spending idyllic evenings by a pond and swapping silly tales, adulthood wasn’t as simple. A death pushes them all to unwittingly make decisions about their future, even as they try to reconcile with the unexpected loss – both of a friend and their innocence.

If the novel sounds like something you would like to read get a copy now. And reviews will be appreciated wholeheartedly, it means a LOT to independent writers like me. Dropping a few country-wise links (it’s also available on Kindle Unlimited) –

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