Episode 11 of ‘Blue Lock’ starts off from the biggest cliffhanger yet – the final minutes of the tense match between the monstrous Team V and underdogs of Team Z. An exaggeratedly entertaining soccer game was obviously in the offing.

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Titled ‘The Final Piece’, episode 11 is protagonist Isagi Yoichi’s time to shine on the ground, a little like most other episodes really, so it wasn’t as exciting as others. In a wise move, the creators don’t drag the game for the entire episode and viewers get a surprisingly early conclusion to the ‘do or die’ match between the two formidable sides. What comes next is a wicked twist in the tale that leaves ‘Blue Lock’ players fuming and will have fans amused.

The elusive ‘Blue Lock’ master-mind makes his appearance in this edition and riles up the soccer kids as usual. It will be interesting to see a flashback episode on Ego’s motivations and drive. For now, viewers will have to be content with the next level of training, where things are going to get crazier for Yoichi and new friends.

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