Who will Isagi and his team pick to move on to the next stage of selection and play a “4 versus 4” match in “Blue Lock”? Viewers already know that each member is keen on a different player to join them, which made episode 18 end on an exciting cliff-hanger. Isagi wants to challenge the Rank 1 player, Rin Itoshi, in the next round. To do so, they’ll need someone who can really help push the group, so the final pick won’t come as a surprise to fans of the show.

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Titled “Dancing Boy,” episode 19 starts off with the conclusion of Isagi’s match with Reo’s team but focuses largely on Meguru Bachira. We are taken back in time to Bachira’s childhood and learn how he became passionate about soccer. Some fans might recall Bachira referring to a “monster” he keeps conversing with; this edition sheds light on his relationship with his inner demon. The artwork for the shadowy ghost figure could’ve been better, however the character-design for mini Meguru was absolutely on point.

Although there is no actual soccer playing in this episode, it contains many small moments between different sets of players and their growing bonds. For example, the bull-headed Barou finally calls Isagi by his name instead of “donkey” during their conversation. Overall, “Dancing Boy” was a mildly entertaining filler that sets the groundwork for an exciting soccer showdown between some of the top players in the facility.

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