“Politics don’t belong in the kitchen. A man wants his wife to make him a drink after a long day at work”

“Why do you assume that his day was longer than hers? Why don’t you make the drink?”


That’s already our favorite dialogue from the “Lessons in Chemistry” trailer starring Brie Larson. Based on the novel of the same name by Bonnie Garmus, the series stars Brie Larson as the protagonist, Elizabeth Zott, who dreams of becoming a chemist. However, her ambitions are temporarily put on hold when she becomes pregnant and is subsequently fired from her lab position. Instead of succumbing to despair, Elizabeth discovers her calling in a cooking show, reaching out to a broader audience of women than she ever could have as a chemist working in a male-dominated field.

The trailer for “Lessons in Chemistry” is enhanced by powerful, dramatic music and is filled with intrigue. Brie Larson effectively embodies the fiercely independent character of Zott, who fearlessly speaks her mind in front of powerful men who hold traditionally sexist views about women. Created by Lee Eisenberg, a producer known for his work on “The Office,” the hit mockumentary series “Lessons For Chemistry” serves up a delightful slice of 1960s nostalgia, featuring cooking lessons, female friendships, and feminism as its central themes.

Spanning eight episodes, the series will be available on Apple TV on October 13. You can watch the trailer below.