Some days are out of a bad movie

The direction chaotic, muddled

One could belt tracks that are groovy

Won’t drown the mundane beats of life

So you dread the approaching end

confused over what to expect

every little turn is a terribly drawn bend

but unpredictable in all its shades

Who knew dispirited events could hold surprises

Nothing exciting about a new gash

Or the unfamiliar pain that rises

Through your chest or the throat

The med cabinet overflowing now

thick with remedies of all kinds

all sorts of sicknesses can take a bow

once a pop of color finds its way

All the way from my throat to the pit

slowly washing away the day’s pain

from sick bones come something fit

fresh from a fight on the insides

But every day won’t see resolution

things will only get worse, and worse

from new woes will come a new solution

but until then you live in the dark

Like in a badly produced indie short

where nobody knows how things end

Ball not even in the maker’s court

For all they say is – ‘go with the flow’

-Sneha Jaiswal

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