By Sneha Jaiswal (Twitter | Instagram)

The plot of the 2022 Korean mini-series ‘Color Rush 2’ picks off from where the first one ended, after a period of six months though. Directed by Park Sun Jae again, this time around, we only have actor Yoo Jun reprising his role as the color-blind Yeon Woo.

Quick recap of the first season – Yeon Woo is a ‘mono’, a term for people who see life in the grey-scale. Monos experience a ‘color rush’ only if they meet their ‘probe’. Woo meets his ‘probe’ at school, a classmate called Go Yoo Han, who is also a K-pop trainee. However, Woo isn’t very thrilled by Yoo Han’s advances, because he is busy with his personal mission of finding his mother, who was also a ‘mono’ and went missing a few years ago.

The biggest problem with season one was how the primary mystery in the series remained unsolved, viewers get no closure on what exactly happened to Yeon Woo’s mom. So in season two, Woo tries to track both his missing mother and boyfriend. The plot is slightly stronger this time around, with the story focusing on Woo’s investigation into a shady group that deals with drugs and illegal procedures that promise a ‘life of color’ to Monos. There are more elements of thriller and a lot less romance, which serves well to keep things intriguing.

Actor Hyuk plays the new protagonist Kim Se Hyun, another of Woo’s classmate, who helps him in investigating the shady group. Their friendship develops at a lighting speed and although the two have better chemistry (than Yeon Woo and Yoo Han) the episodes feel rushed, especially because Hyun’s character is introduced out of nowhere. At least I don’t remember him being on season 1. The series is largely watchable because Yoo Jun is gorgeous/cute as hell and he also emotes well. I would love to see him in more dramas and series. In-fact, most actors in the cast do their parts convincingly, it’s just that the plot isn’t paced well and could’ve been a lot better.

I feel like maybe the makers had budget constraints, or else this series had the potential to be longer. With themes like drugs, abuse and family ties, ‘Color Rush 2’ does hit some emotional notes, but feels very generic by the climax.

It’s a 6/10 from me.

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