Doctor Magdalene Traumer and Dorian head to Madrid after their ‘Roman Holiday’ style trip in Issue #4 of ‘A Thing Called Truth’ by Iolanda Zanfardino & Elisa Romboli.

Quick Plot Overview – Madgalene Traumer goes on a crazy road-trip with virtual stranger Dorian, right after she gets fired from her job at a lab where she was on the verge of a major breakthrough. So while Traumer loses the primary purpose of her life, Dorian is on a personal mission to fulfill her dead brother’s dreams of traveling around the world and re-creating his favorite movie scenes.

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By now the two protagonists are completely comfortable with each other and develop an easy friendship. The rather uptight Magdalene loosens up and starts to keep up with Dorian’s free-wheeling spirit, so the two of them practically paint the town red.

It feels like Elisa Romboli uses a lot more colors in this issue, because the comic panels feel a lot more vibrant this time around. As always, the art captures the joy of travel and infuses the pages with an extra dash of vitality. And while it had only been touristy stuff for a while in the story, Iolanda finally gives readers a glimpse of just what is happening back at Traumer’s work-place, since she pretty much went AWOL as far as everybody else is concerned. The colors and art style slightly differs during this sub-plot, and offer contrast to the travel bits. The juxtaposition of Traumer frolicking around Europe while her friends/colleagues worry about her whereabouts is cleverly done.

Overall, this issue was an interesting mix and was filled with warm moments towards the climax. Things are moving to an exciting crescendo and the mystery over how things are going to go between Magdalene and Dorian remains. At this point, they are two women, each trying to let go of the past in their own ways and live life in the moment.

It’s a 4/5 from me.

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