“Constitutional order is restored, when in a reverse exorcism ceremony, the ghost of Joe Biden is installed in the White House” – whoever wrote this line for ‘Death To 2021’, three claps for you! It’s one of the most hilarious lines in the one-hour long Netflix mockumentary, that might just become a tradition every year end.

Although, I do feel like ‘Death To 2020’ was slightly more funnier, or maybe its the one year in between that makes one remember it in more positive light. Or it’s just that 2021 was such a shit year, you can’t really make something great out of it.

Directed by Jack Clough and Josh Ruben, the mockumentary retains a lot of the original cast who played fake ‘experts’ in the 2020 production. So you have Hugh Grant as the weird historian Tennyson Foss OBE, Joe Keery as Youtube ‘influencer’ Duke Goolies, Diane Morgan as the cuckoo Brit Gemma Nerrick, Cristin Milioti as the dumb Kathy Flowers and Samson Kayo as the scientist Pyrex Flax. And then there are a bunch of new faces, along with real life news footage that’s interspersed in between to give us a slice of the year that was.

Diane Morgan and Cristin Milioti are the best bit about this look-back. Morgan as the lonely ignorant Brit who wonders why Joe Biden’s ghost is the President of US is just so bloody stupid, but you cannot help but laugh. She totally nails the ‘average idiotic citizen’ role and delivers the most inane lines with such a straight believable face, you’d totally believe she is actually a guest being interviewed for a legit documentary. Lucy Liu as the suave looking Snook Austin was an interesting addition to the cast and she gets some really funny lines to boot. Stockard Channing is as cool as a snarky cat, her impeccable delivery of dialogues with a drink in hand was fun to watch.

Overall, ‘Death To 2021’ is a quick funny recap of the mostly U.S events, so if you haven’t been following the news, maybe just watch this mockumentary for an overview of stuff that happened in America, along with a few key global events thrown. It’s like a sit-down comedy with a large cast.

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