Ever since the Covid19 pandemic pushed us into our homes, I have attended three weddings via zoom. Pretty sure there are people who have attended at least 50 zoom weddings by now. I am just not that social.

But this time it was different, it was a pre-wedding ceremony of a school friend, who I have known since we were just eleven. That feels like a different century now. He changed schools two years later and we lost contact. But half a decade later, he managed to get my number from somewhere & staying in touch became a little easier – thanks to Facebook.

We’ve met only a few times since then, in different cities, when by some luck, we would be in the same place. When I was watching the ceremony via a Zoom link today, it made me nostalgic and made me wonder how the pandemic might have distanced us from people physically, but in some ways, it’s also brought a lot of us closer. Had there been no pandemic, I am not sure if I would’ve been invited & even if I were… I don’t know if I would’ve been able to attend it. But now that everybody is broadcasting their special events online due to present circumstances, a lot more people are able to be part of memories they would have otherwise missed.

Hopefully, this trend will continue, pandemic or not. Because we had a very small wedding (way before the pandemic) and our grandparents weren’t able to attend, due to health & various other reasons. Now that I think of it, we could’ve set up a camera and just streamed it for them, even back then. It just never struck us. But now, nobody needs to feel left out of anything, at least as long as they have a good internet connection.

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