I don’t know
why we talk to each other
when there is no thread
that could possibly be called ‘common’
between the two of us…
I don’t know
why we wait endlessly
to seize a chance to talk again
saving seconds
to only say ‘what else’…
‘what else’ is the most terrible phrase
in the entire universe…
why else would you call me
if all you had to ask was a petty ‘what else’
after interrupting my stories
you have no interest in
cutting me midway
to tell me mundane stories
I have no interest in…
I don’t want to know
why you hold on to me
I fear the truth will be too simple
let it be untold
so we could hold on to fantasies
of lofty theories
about why we fell in love…
love, that’s a strange word
and we abuse it everyday
throwing it around carelessly
even after a fight
even when we don’t mean it…
‘I love you’
we tell each other every night…
I don’t know
how we find the audacity
to tell blatant lies
to assuage fragile egoes
without any trace of guilt
I don’t know
where we find the strength
to surpress all our anger
and put up with appearances
smiling through clenched teeth
I don’t want to know
how you find the patience
to put up with my whims
and pander to my demands
I don’t know
where I find the courage
to forgive all the hurt
you cause me now and then
like forgetting my existence
But I don’t know
how we would fare
if we were to part ways
and so…
I don’t ask you why