Maybe you don’t need to read this eleven years too late review. I mean Director Sam Raimi’s horror film ‘Drag Me To Hell’ came out in 2009 and it took me all those years to finally make up my mind and watch it. Maybe I shouldn’t have.

Let’s start off with the plot – it’s about how loan officer Christine (played by a helpless looking Alison Lohman) is cursed by an old lady over the denial of a loan extension. Christine soon finds herself haunted by terrifying things and her eventual fate is to end up in hell, unless she finds a way to cancel the curse.

Sam Raimi and team rely on the usual loud music and cliched jump scares throughout to move the narrative. Some people would like to classify this film as a ‘horror comedy’ even though most agree it’s more horror and less comedy. For me, it was neither of the two. It’s neither funny, nor scary, not even gory, but kind of gross in parts.

“Yuck!” I exclaimed out loud and looked away at least thrice during the course of the film. For example, there is a scene where the old lady sort of pukes into the mouth of Christine. There is a difference in being disgusted and scared. For example, let us consider a person who is not scared of worms, they would happily stamp them to death if the buggers get too close, but give them worms on a plate to eat and they would rather starve than eat that shit. No offence to those who love eating worms. You get what I mean?

There were definitely some scenes that were so silly that it will make the viewer laugh. Some of those scene were probably not even intended to be funny. The graphics of film is very last century. The cast however does a decent job, not like it helps much. The story is just too long and boring in many bits.

‘Drag Me To Hell’ is basically draggy hokum and just not entertaining enough, although it did have a lot of potential. Anyway, I don’t want to waste more of my time by writing a detailed review. If you are a horror fan and haven’t seen this film yet, you are probably better off without it. Probably.