Disadvantages of not knowing how social media sites work – you are going to do something stupid.

I have a huge problem with pointless facebook updates on my “news feed”, so I obviously do not log in much. And which is why I do not post much on the site either. However since I am supposed to be a part of the media industry, I am required to be socially active, show some sign of online activity and not come across as an old cave-woman. Not that I do not like the idea. I would want to be a cave-woman, only if the weather conditions surrounding the cave were pleasant.

Anyway coming back to what I was trying to say – not knowing certain little facts about the social media site you are using can make you feel like an idiot. Only yesterday I wrote about how I logged into my twitter account after almost four years. Today I logged in with a new resolution – to tweet. Before that I even actually wiki-howed what to do on twitter. Yes, yes, I did *grins* And like yesterday, I did not know what to tweet. I looked at what was trending and there was something called #Humpday that was one of the top trends. I clicked on that (how could I not?) to see what on earth was the hashtag about. From the tweets and pictures that showed up, I gathered it either had to do something with Kim Kardhashian or Camels. I was confused. So I tweeted something about it. And then minutes later I tweeted something else. And then I deleted my #Humpday tweet (for no good reason, just). And then after sometime I logged on to my facebook account just to wish someone for their birthday (to save money on the international call that I cannot afford). To my horror I see both my tweets on my fb page too! I had no idea that twitter is auto synced with your fb page and all your tweets show up on your wall.


I had to delete my tweets because for me fb and twitter is supposed to be two different world. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I am not ready to share my tweets with my friends yet and perhaps I am more comfortable with random strangers reading them or with the more possible alternative – no one reading them.

I don’t know how long my twitter experiment is going to last, but I am slowly beginning to learn a thing or two about it. The precis writing out there could actually be fun. My twitter handle- Miss Jaiswal. Cheers 🙂