I got my box of author copies delivered today. Yay!

Don’t ask me why it took me so freaking long to order them in the first place (lockdown restrictions). I feel like lining them in my book-shelf and hoarding them all. But I don’t even have any shelf-space left. Story of every book hoarder ever! And why the fuck are nice book shelves so bloody expensive?????

Anyway, add a copy of “Love, Loss, Lockdown” to your shelf. It’s a collection of 10 short stories set against the Covid19 pandemic. I feel like I need to clarify that it is NOT a romantic book. So if you are looking for some mush, skip this one. However, if you are looking for some interesting contemporary stories – GO BUY IT PLEASE. And consider leaving a little review on Amazon/GoodReads after you finish reading it. Means the world to Indie authors like me.

Country specific links to the book (both e-books and paperbacks are available in all the following countries) –

Amazon India

Amazon U.S

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

Amazon Japan

Amazon Canada

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