What do you gift someone who might already be swamped with a lot of stuff and if you are not sure of their likes and dislikes?

I take gifting seriously and get all worked up when the opportunity arises. Gift vouchers and cash is obviously the safest bet, but it also is very impersonal and boring.

In situations where you just can’t decide what to buy, for me, the best solution to the problem is simple – something handmade. And I either make a handmade magnet or bookmarks.

Like I made the magnet for a newly married couple after they visited us for the first time. They claim they loved it. (The boy is a singer and the girl is a professional classical dancer, the dress is off a photos of hers)

I know both of them are not big on reading, so bookmarks were out of the question. But these cutesy Harry Potter bookmarks I made for a Potterhead friend of mine is still one of the best gifts I think I have given someone.