I was browsing through my Kindle Unlimited subscription when I came across “I am A Prince,” and its tagline, “An Inclusive LGBTQIA+ Children’s Book,” caught my attention.

Created by Damien Alan Lopez and Mutiara Arum, this delightful little book reads like a poem and features charming colorful illustrations. The story follows a happy young prince who enjoys playing with friends and going about town. But his journey hadn’t always been smooth. Originally born as a princess, he never felt comfortable in flowing gowns and long hair. As the prince tries to understand himself, his struggle with gender identity is eased by a supportive family. The parents prioritize their child’s choices and well-being over outdated gender norms.

“I am a Prince” stays true to its tagline, offering a simple and child-friendly introduction to gender diversity and transgender experiences. It maintains a positive tone and wraps up before you even realize it. You can get the book on Kindle.

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