Grant Morrison re-imagines the legend of Santa Claus in “Klaus” and it’s the amazing inks by artist Dan Mora that make this graphic novel/comic series an absolute page turner.

Klaus in this tale is a wild man with a snowy-white wolf called Lilli for a side-kick. The story mixes magic, folklore, witchcraft, shamanism and what not. Morrison throws in a mad tyrant ruling over a town called Grimsvig, where celebrations of any kind is banned. Enter Klaus, a wild rebel, who vows fo bring back joy into the lives of people. He starts off by dropping gifts at the doorstep of every child in the town.

Lilli the wolf doesn’t get a lot of space in this comic-series, but she is a show stealer every time she makes an appearance. Majestic and adorable at the same time. Artist Dan Mora has done an incredible job with the some of the characters.

Klaus looks like a blend of Wolverine/Robinhood and is dressed up like one of those hooded heroes from the game “Assassin’s Creed”. The primary antagonist reminded me a little of Loki, a very grim version, with dark circles and the crazy glint of a psychopath in his eyes.

Readers would love how Morrison keeps the traditional spirit of Santa Claus alive and slowly incorporates all his trademark characteristics with his own clever twists. So while it’s a dark, modern retelling and nothing like what an average kid would imagine for ‘father Christmas’, it has its sweet moments.

There’s a lot of action, blood and conflict through the pages that makes this comic series engaging AF. Klaus can give superhero origin stories a run for their money. It’s a 5/5 from me.