Nadao Bangkok (A Thai media house) surprised fans with a special short-film starring Billkin and PP Krit from the popular series “I Told Sunset About You”. The film starts off from where the series ended and acts as a transitioning piece between the last series and the upcoming sequel titled “I Promised You The Moon”.

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Titled “Last Twilight In Phuket”, this little surprise film was just as visually stunning as the series, capturing Phuket in all its moods, from the bustling streets to it’s beautiful blue beaches. The lead pair is spending their last day together in their home-town, before they move away to the big-bad Bangkok to start their college life.

In less than 14 minutes, Director Naruebet Kuno manages to tug at our emotions again, giving us a heartwarming side-story of first-love and the pain of leaving your home for the first time. The chemistry between Billkin and PP Krit is electric, leaving viewers with the promise of a wholesome sequel. Cannot wait for season two – it will be out on May 27th.

Until then you can watch ‘Last Twilight In Phuket”.