Wow. The artwork in ‘Mamo’ a five part comic-book series by Sas Milledge are so stunning that I couldn’t give all my attention to the plot and was happily lost in its bright and dreamy illustrations!

The story follows Jo Manalo whose mother is being troubled by an evil spirit, so she seeks out the only witch in Haresdan, who turns out to be a young free-spirited Orla. In an interesting twist, it’s Orla’s grandmother – Mamo – who is causing disturbances in the town she once protected. Can the two young girls figure out how to stop Mamo’s spirit from wreaking havoc in their little sleepy town?

I don’t really read fantasy series like this and thought the story was cutesy, but the artwork was G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! Even at the cost of repeating myself, I cannot emphasize that enough. Sas Milledge brings the sun and breeze of Haresdan into your palms, her bold bright strokes are filled with playful life and sometimes the pages feel like they are almost moving, making you wish you could land into the green-blue landscape of the town. The trees, the birds, the sea, and the sun-kissed protagonists… I loved everything about Sas Milledge’s artwork in this series. It isn’t very different from her work in ‘The Lost Carnival’ for DC, but while it was mostly monochromatic, ‘Mamo’ is a beautiful burst of colors.

Jo and Orla didn’t make a very lasting impression as lead characters, while Jo is mostly just concerned about saving her mother, Orla is a bit of a stereotypical rebel who just wants to get out of her small town and travel around the world. One is a keeper, the other is a seeker. The romance was too swift and perhaps this should’ve gotten a few more issues. Regardless, read ‘Mamo’ for its dazzling drawings.

It’s a 4 on 5 from me.

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