For the first time ever, the kindle store recommended me a horror comic I’d appreciate! Memetic by James Tynion IV, Eryk Donovan is a brilliant bizarre metaphorical horror story about how the end of the world is brought about by a Sloth meme.

There is something so oddly creepy and cute about a sloth, that it perfectly blends into the role of a lifeless villain in a comic. In ‘Memetic’, people look at a meme featuring a smiling sloth goes viral because those viewers experience an inexplicable euphoria while staring at it. But after about 12 hours of first looking at it, people lose their mind, become murderous psychopaths and start killing those around them. Pretty much zombie territory, but the folks aren’t dead.

The twist & artwork towards the climax reminded me of Japanese Manga master Junji Ito, who is like the emperor of horror manga. So it’s like Japan’s Junji Ito meets American Dystopian horror. The primary protagonist is a young gay college kid who has trouble looking at colors, so is not affected by the meme. Will humans be able to save them from this horrifying mess they’ve gotten into? That’s the rest of the comic.

Those who enjoy post-apocalyptic fiction would definitely like this new take on the genre – where a silly meme triggers world-wide destruction. The story-building is interesting for most part. I was slightly disappointed with the abrupt ending, but it made for an absolutely entertaining read otherwise. It’s a 4/5 from me.