I rarely watch films without seeing the trailer. And when Netflix boldly showed Mrs Serial Killer on my home page last Saturday morning, I thought “okay, let’s give this a try”.

It starts off with the leading lady Jacqueline Fernandez (Jacky) crying and saying “this story is about to end”.

It doesn’t look like the start of a movie. Instead, it’s like you are watching a very bad audition tape of some wannabe actor.

She does a mix of crying and laughing that is hideously terrible. Her way of talking is *cringe cringe*

And then somebody with an even more irritating voice starts shouting in the background.

There is a girl tied on a bed and apparently Jacky has been torturing her.

The scene looks unreal and out of some early 2000s video game. What the hell are so many glucose drip bags doing there?

Anyway, this other actor says something on the lines of “you think you can scare me with your psycho stare? I can do better”.

And then comes the horror. The other actor gives what is supposed to be a mean glare to Jacky. As a viewer you are totally confused. You cannot decide who is the worse actor!

Next we see Manoj Bajpai, who plays Jacky’s husband talking to her over a video call. And that scene was just uncomfortable to watch. Bajpai is naturally acting his part, while Jacky with her unnerving Hindi is so bad, so bad, that I couldn’t watch further.

I was wondering how did Manoj Bajpai even do his role without breaking into a laugh at his co-actor’s lack of skill?

This movie was extremely unbearable in the very first few minutes. Just didn’t have it in me to ruin my Saturday morning. Had Jacky been a side character, it would have been a different story. But with a lead actor so bad in their role, you just cannot survive this movie if you value your time.

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