It’s not a hard thing to admit that some of us like to watch movies or shows just because the protagonists are gorgeous or cute… and that’s the only reason I saw the 2021 Korean-That series ‘Peach of Time’. Karn Kristanaphan as lead character Peach is a total cutie, so is his co-star Choi Jae-Hyeon who plays Yoon Oh.

The plot begins on a sweet note – Peach is a young Thai guy who flies all way to Korea to meet his friend Yoon Oh. The two barely spend a day together and Peach learns of the hostile/toxic relationship Oh has with with his mother. What kind of an adult texts stuff like ‘I wish you weren’t born’ to their kid? Since Peach is a boy with a heart of gold, he decides to fix the broken relationship, but he has a few more shocking discoveries to uncover. Although, the family needed a therapist and not a visiting therapist. But okay….

The cinematography is very pretty, with pleasing pastel colors dominating the palette, making viewers feel like this is just the kind of thing one must watch while curled up in a blanket. But the plot gets hare-brained, and soon comes cliche after cliche, which just make for awkward watching. It made me lose complete interest in the show and I didn’t even bother following up with the last few episodes as they came out. Although, curiosity did get the better of me, so the last few episodes were streamed back-to-back a day after the finale aired. Fast-forwarded most of it with disinterest.

It’s the awkward combination of supernatural silliness, cutesy romance & intense emotional drama – all of these elements are blended badly. Director Jan Eui Soon & Screenwriter Yang Joo Hyun are just unable to do genre-mixing successfully. The actors are actually pretty damn good in their roles, Jung Ae Yun who plays Yoon Oh’s mom is great as the fierce single doctor-mother who is too hard on her son. Karn is adorable as the lead, and Choi Jae-Hyeon was a bit of a surprise, because he looks like an small sweet teenager, but has the voice of a stern teacher. Watch this series if all you want is some pretty protagonists on your screen, sometimes… that’s just the kind of thing we want to watch after a crappy day.

It’s a 5/10 from me.

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