By Sneha Jaiswal (Twitter | Instagram)

The ‘Spy X Family’ makers have definitely gotten their groove back! While all the episodes so far have been consistently entertaining in this anime series streaming on Netflix, the humor and pace has dipped slightly in between. But you’ll find yourself laughing and smiling a little more than usual in episode 9, which serves up a great balance of spying, snooping, violence and familial love.

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Titled ‘Show Off How In Love You Are’, episode 9 begins right from where 8 ended – Yor’s brother challenging her to prove she and Loid Forger are a happily married couple. For the first time, most of the focus is on the dynamics between the two adult protagonists as a pair. Loid trails Yor to determine if she is aware that her younger brother is part of the ‘secret service’. So there’s this slight element of ‘mistrust’ that has entered their relationship, how Loid resolves this new conflict is the crux of episode 9.

Despite a slightly serious theme, there’s ample comic relief peppered throughout the script. Yuri Briar is sent packing back to his office after the first few minutes of the episode. He has some serious sister-complex going on, and continues to have his doubts about the new brother-in-law. Loid’s sidekick Franky makes a cameo again… that little dude is twisted and hilarious! We get a little ‘mission impossible’ style spy business going on, but minimal action.

By now it’s clear that all the three members of the Forger clan come from broken homes, and despite their unique special skills, they are all emphatic individuals who are trying to be emotionally supportive of each other. Loid’s character is steadily thawing, from being a completely cold indifferent spy, he is increasingly becoming a caring husband and father figure. Little Anya gets very few but super cute scenes, encouraging her ‘parents’ to get along. She is the glue that holds ‘Spy X Family’ together! Things end with an adorable family scene. No cliffhangers.

The teaser for episode 10 throws the baton back to the school sub-plot. Stream the series on Netflix.

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