Some of us probably watched the Thai series ‘Star In My Mind’ for the gorgeous Joong Archen Aydin, who plays protagonist Khabkhluen… guilty of the same crime. I was punished immediately by witnessing this bland AF college romance about Daonuea (Dunk Natachai) a first year student who crosses paths with his high-school crush Khabkhluen, who had turned him down over a year ago. Daonuea’s feelings re-surface and maybe they were not one-sided.

Literally nothing of interest happens in this series. Daonuea’s insecurities and pain over being ‘rejected’ by Khabkhluen are grossly exaggerated. Our dude confessed his feelings on the last day of the school year, when he is also scheduled to fly out of the country to study. So he basically says “hey you don’t know me, but I am Daonuea, I am leaving the country today, but I like you”; to which Khabkhluen says “have a safe flight”. L-O-L. That’s like the gentlest way to turn someone down, but Daonuea behaves like he had a sword slid through his guts.

Anyway…. apparently everybody is in love with the cute Daonuea in college, girls and boys alike, and Khabkhluen also sends him mixed signals. It’s just slow torture to watch students who are supposedly at the top of their class, not being able to say what’s on their mind. Joon’s character as Khabkhluen is annoyingly stereotypical – the handsome brooding guy who doesn’t understand love. Dunk Natachai constantly reminded me of Phuwin Tangsakyuen (from ‘Fish Upon The Sky’), and does a decent job. There are a lot of other characters who have no real purpose at all, except for flirting around and making a few lame jokes.

GMMTV is now just mass-manufacturing romantic mini-series, without giving any thought to plots and character developments. ‘Star In My Mind’ is only eight episodes long, but I lost interest by episode three, however finally saw the last few episodes together to just see what happens in the end. A lot of more forgettable uninteresting stuff. And this series sets ground for another mini-series called ‘Sky In Your Heart’, which follows the romantic journey of Daonuea’s older brother who is a doctor. Going by the trailer, it looks like a re-hash of ‘A Tale of Thousand Stars’, which was also about two people falling in love while working in a remote Thai village.

It’s a 3/10 for ‘Star In My Mind’ from me.

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