The Luxury Ship adventure continues for the Forgers in “Spy x Family” Season 2 Episode 7. The last episode had ended just before the beginning of a new fight between Yor Forger and a scary looking assassin called Barnaby, who is armed with a weapon that that resembles Belmont’s morningstar whip from Castlevania, used to kill vampires. The usually calm Yor is a little intimidated by the new enemy and exclaims that she has never seen a weapon like the one he is wielding.

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Titled “Who Is This Mission For?”, Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 7 once again puts the focus on Yor’s existential dilemma about being an assassin. Now that her brother Yuri Briar is doing well for himself, Yor doesn’t really need to take on dangerous jobs for a living, so she wonders if her new family – Loid Forger and Anya – is only a cover for her double-life or people she really cares for. She stresses over these questions while fighting Barnaby and their battle is pretty entertaining, mostly due to Anya’s presence on the sidelines.

This episode was fast-paced and over in a blink! It packs in some hilarious sequences featuring Loid and Anya as Loid tries his best to be a fun dad and ensure his adopted daughter has the time of her life on the cruise. There’s a little bit of everything that made “Spy x Family” a hit with fans: tense combat scenes, hilarious character interactions, and some emotional moments where the lead characters seriously introspect on what they are doing with their lives.

I am really enjoying this cruise-ship chapter in the anime series, and luckily, the ship adventure isn’t over yet. Yor still has to keep her client Olka safe from a horde of deadly enemies and ensure her safe passage. We will have to watch episode eight to find out how things go.

You can stream Spy x Family on Netflix.

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