Sneha Jaiswal (Twitter | Instagram)

When Netflix came out with the Trailer of Tall Girl, it pretty much gave the whole story away.

And when I finally saw the film, there were absolutely no surprises.

Sixteen year old Jody is six feet one and a half inches, the tallest girl in her school. That’s all people see to her. 

“How is the weather up there,” every second kid jokes. She doesn’t find it funny. But her own best friend, a guy who is half her size, is absolutely in love with the tall girl. A detail Jody is blind to.

All she wants is a handsome, intelligent, talented, charming and taller guy. And guess what, he walks into her life in the form of an exchange student from Sweden. But the most popular girl in school is quick “to mark her territory” and grab him up for herself. However, Jody accidentally manages to make a connection with the Swedish hottie too.

All of this is already shown in the trailer. So what’s left to watch in the film? – Who gets the girl. The friend who loves her or the hot guy who digs her. Well, the film is pretty much your ‘Sixteen Candles’ kind of movie. But despite an overall cliche theme, the film has its sweet moments.

All the actors are very likeable in the parts they play. You have the usual tropes and characters – the quirky girl best friend, over protective parents, extremely popular sibling, the gorgeous but evil classmate, so on and so forth. But despite dealing with a plot that has been done to death, the film manages to be fresh and doesn’t bore you.

The end does get a little draggy, with Jody finally realizing her worth and giving a usual inspirational speech before she has her happy ending.

But if you are looking for a light-hearted chick flick to watch, Tall Girl is just the right film.