I stumbled across a “photo-comic” book called ‘The Chef & The Yakuza” on Twitter via independent author Sho Okumoto’s Twitter handle. As a graphic novel and comic enthusiast, it took me less than a minute to get the book on my kindle and what an entertaining book it turned out to be – half the book made me very hungry, the other half had me laughing out loud!

It was a super quick comical read about a chef versus a Yakuza boss. The chef owes money to the baddie and they decide to play a game of poker, if the chef loses the game – he loses his life too; but if he wins, he walks out a debt-free man. The comic begins with the two men talking about food and the chef preparing salmon sashimi. Those fish illustrations had me craving for fish so bad! I like it when books are able to stir up such strong emotions in the reader.

Think it took me less than 15 minutes to finish the rest of the book, that gets funny before the poker game starts. It’s a pretty random but fun read and I don’t really have any complains, except that there could’ve been more story. It’s only January and I think ‘The Chef & The Yakuza’ is gonna be the most random AF books I’ve read this year. But randoms things make life more interesting.

I am going with a 4 on 5 stars for this super-quick read.