The 2021 film “The Man With The Answers” is a picturesquely shot road-trip movie directed by Stelios Kammitsis, with a pretty straight-forward plot.

Victor (Vasilis Magouliotis) is a young Greek athlete who decides to visit his estranged mother in Bavaria after the demise of his grandmother in Greece. A persistent stranger called Matthias hitches a ride with him, however, Victor is vary of him, while the latter seems to be happy-go-lucky and is always full of questions. How these two different individuals develop a bond forms the rest of the film.

Since the movie largely focuses on the two protagonists, the makers are able to make the characters grow on the viewers. Victor is relatable as the young restless man, who takes his time to trust the stranger in his car. Matthias is a cocky but fun guy, who always has something wise to say, much to the chagrin of his co-passenger. As they spend more time together, Victor learns to loosen up too.

At some points, viewers may hope for some unexpected twists, but the writers keep it simple yet pleasing. There was one scene, where the two men attend a wedding and dance without a care, that sequence was slightly reminiscent of the party scene from the famous film “Call Me By Your Name”. What works best in “The Man With The Answers” is how the character of Matthias is pretty straightforward about his intentions. There is no manipulation or misunderstanding. And it’s laudable that director Stelios Kammitsis manages to steer clear from the temptations of using classic tropes or cliched romantic moments.

The story is leisurely paced, and yet, it doesn’t feel slow or boring, with scenic European roads keeping the viewer visually engrossed. The winding mountain roads, clear blue skies and the chemistry between the lead actors keep you invested in their trip. The climax was unexpectedly light, with an almost tragicomic family reunion. The script is filled with some underrated humor, the kinds that is so natural that it doesn’t feel scripted and gets the viewer laughing.

While there aren’t any emotional high-points in this movie, it’s a sweet summer romance, the kind that would make it to a ‘feel-good LGBTQ films’ list. It’s a 7/10 from me.