‘The Nasties’ by Mark Hurst was a fun, gripping read. Despite the book using the typical good versus evil plot, Hurst splits his novel into interesting little chapters that keep the reader turning pages.

10-year-old Charlie is the hero of the story. The boy mysteriously loses his father but suddenly finds himself burdened with supernatural powers to fight monsters trying to take over his world. These monsters called ‘the Nasties’ feed on little kids. Can a ten-year-old, with only a drunk adult to guide him, do much to ward off evil? That forms the rest of the story.

Hurst has written this book in such graphic detail, it feels like you are watching a tv series. Some bits were reminiscent of Stephen King’s horror book ‘It’. Which is obviously meant to compliment the writer, because I loved It.

There were times when I wondered if some of the stuff said by Charlie in the book was too mature for his age and then thought to myself “I spoke like a grandmother when I was 10”.

There is nothing to not like about this book. It’s a fun one for anybody that wants to read some good old “monster versus kids” stuff. I really enjoyed it.

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