The Thai BL version of ’50 Shades of Grey’ has finally arrived in the form of ‘Unforgotten Night’, starring Yoon Pushanu and Ton Saran Anantasetthakul as leads Kamol and Kim. Episode one starts off with annoying background music and Kamol’s character is introduced to viewers. It’s the kind of music that declares “LOOK AT OUR HERO, HE IS DANGEROUS!” too loudly.

The plot is pretty straightforward – Kim is a heartbroken working professional who catches the eyes of wealthy businessman/Mafia boss-man Kamol who is into BDSM. Unaware of Kamol’s fetishes, Kim agrees to spend the night together and consents to letting Kamol do ‘anything’ with him. And thus a long steamy affair begins.

Yoon Phusanu sort off manages to pull off the young ‘mafia’ look if Episode 1 is anything to go by, but things get cringe-y on the bed. For someone used to switching partners, Yoon’s character Kamol looks confused while wielding the whip. And the weepy Kim continues to be weepy in bed too. It’s all unintentionally comedic. Ton as Kim gives off a student vibe, which makes the series like a campus romance where the lead pair is role-playing older characters. Also, the chemistry is quite lacking. Although, to the writers credit, the dialogues aren’t as trashy as ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, but the characters are just as one-dimensional… so far.

With the popular 18+ mafia themed series ‘KinnPorsche’ still ongoing, fans might have been right in being apprehensive about ‘Unforgotten Night’, which shares similar themes, but the quality is starkly different. With just one episode out, it’s too early to judge how the rest of the series will turn out. For now, it seems like a decent attempt and I will be streaming the other episodes.

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