Somebody I met briefly at a wedding almost a year ago messaged me on Instagram to tell me she was reading my book ‘Death & Darker Realms’ and that she really liked it. Taken by surprise, I thanked her.

“But why death?” she asked. Wondering why death was one of the main themes of the book.

“Because I’ve been obsessed with the theme since I was a child. It’s all around us, isn’t it?” I asked.

She said she agreed and wished me luck on the book.

I could have expanded on “why death?”, but I didn’t know her and didn’t know how comfortable she would be with me launching a long sermon on why I chose such themes.

The simpler explanation is this – I usually write poetry when my mind is not in the right space. When it drifts to darker corners. We’re not thinking of roses and sunshine when we are down. And that’s why, it only made sense for the theme and the title to be “Death & Darker Realms” for my first book of poetry.


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