It’s been two days since my first fiction book ‘Love, Loss, Lockdown’ came out. And I know I should have focused my energy on promoting it in the last 48 hours, but instead, ended up posting two non-book reviews.

I have been so invested in the book for the last three months, and now that it’s out, there is just a massive sense of relief. It’s a short stories collection set against the Covid19 lockdown. And the initial response has been positive.

The only little problem is – I wish I didn’t have to do any promotions. And that the book could somehow magically take care of itself. But those new to the publishing game learn this soon enough – writing the book is actually the easy part.

And while you think that after the first book, dealing with the first book would be easier, the truth is nowhere close to it. Funnily, despite poetry being a niche, at least it was easier to know who to target. With general fiction, things just get crazy difficult. There are both too many books and too many readers.

Any way, until I find myself a manager or something, gotta do the self-promotion thing. So if you are still with me, please grab a copy of “Love, Loss, Lockdown” and help support an independent author. Following are some country specific links –

Amazon India

Amazon U.S

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

If I’ve missed your country, look for it on Amazon or on your kindle store.