The 2020 Polish film “All My Friends Are Dead” directed by Jan Belcl has to be the wackiest film I’ve seen in a over a year. It’s like “American Pie” on cocaine, so things get way out of hand and there’s a lot of blood and ridiculous violence.

The movie starts with two detectives inspecting the crime scene, a huge house with lots of dead youngsters after a New Year Party gone awfully wrong. “This is called epic fail” the senior detective explains his junior, in the 21st century teen lingo. Things then go on rewind to show us what really happened at the party, which starts off a normal enough gathering, with kids drinking the night away to music.

It’s just a party montage following one weird person after another – there’s a girl who thinks she can read people, two sisters who have an insane libido, a photographer who is just out of rehab, two ‘loser’ friends who would do anything to get laid, so on and so forth. How they all end up dead is just one idiotic mishap after another.

The movie is shot in a house that’s huge and exudes ‘privilege’. Amidst all the rich kids partying, there was a small sub-plot, about a pizza delivery guy working on New Year’s Eve, who ends up at the soon to be ‘house of the dead’. It was a moving juxtapositions, to show the viewer a ‘rich vs the poor’.

As the plot unfolds, half the time you would be exclaiming ‘wtf?!’, rest of it you’d either be watching amused or be like “okay, this is way too silly”. But all in all – “All My Friends Are Dead” is a fun film to watch with friends after a few drinks. It’s an 18+ film, with lots of drugs, nudity and wack-ass jokes.

What hit me as interesting was the fact that both men & women were equally sexualised/objectified in the film. Such ‘party gone wrong’ films tend to over-objectify just the women, not this one. The makers parody a lot of party tropes and despite making a funny film, they manage to send a pretty strong message against gun ownership. Never leave a house with kids and loaded guns alone. Or people can end up dead.

It’s a 6/10 from me.

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