(Read ‘Blue Lock’ Episode 1 Review if you have no idea what the show is about)

Phew! Episode 13 ended on a crushing note for Isagi Yoichi, just when you thought his inner ‘ego’ was rising to take on everybody in the ‘Blue Lock’ facility, things change. One setback and the hero becomes a shattered pile of broken dreams.

The only good thing to come out of the last edition was the fact that players are finally taking notice of Bachira’s skills and he gets picked over an adaptable player like Nagi. Titled ‘The Geniuses and the Average Joes’, episode 14 presents a bit of an existential crisis for Isagi, he is convinced of being a mediocre player who cannot hope to compete against the top monstrous strikers who’ve made it to round two of ‘Blue Lock’. But it isn’t just Isagi who needs to determine his future in the game, Nagi too needs to learn to win without Reo on his side.

Again, this episode wasn’t as entertaining, not just because Isgai wallows in self-pity for most of the runtime, but also because there’s no light moments. Only the ‘additional time’ towards the end credits had some comic relief, while the rest of the story was tense and too verbose. Thankfully, the crucial second stage rivalry battle begins towards the end, so there’s finally some exciting competitive soccer to watch!

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