Dudes, this was the most exaggerated edition of ‘Blue Lock’ yet and I loved it! Isagi Yoichi’s team battle beasts of Team V on the ground, the boys throw a whole lot of technical terms, which are either made-up or real; doesn’t matter, because all of it was epic fun.

(Read ‘Blue Lock’ Episode 1 Review if you have no idea what the show is about)

Titled ‘Awakening’, episode 9 continues the high stakes match between Team Z and V. The former is completely stumped by the unreal agility and accuracy with which Reo Mikage, Nagi Seishiro and Zantetsu Tsurugi score goals. I mentioned in episode 8 review how some more of Bachira would be appreciated, and like a wish granted – the dribbler takes center-stage to motivate his teammates into pushing their limits.

The stark sketch-book style transitions in the tenser scenes make the characters stand out, especially when they are deep in thoughts, strategizing their next play. ‘Blue Lock’ mastermind Ego makes a cameo and is smug about his ‘diamonds in the rough’ polishing themselves and behaving as expected. Not too surprisingly, the match doesn’t get over in this episode and fans will have to watch the next chapter to find out if the boys can survive their seemingly unbeatable opponents.

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