‘BTS week’ was trending on social media because… why not? Although it’s largely due to the fact that the Korean Pop group has been making waves with their latest single “Dynamite”, which was at the number one spot on Billboard for two weeks straight and after slipping a few spots, it was back on number one on week three. With the track making history of sorts, the boys are on every American show (sort of). NBC has gone all out with promoting their appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show.

Seriously though, NBC did a really fun GIF thread on Twitter, with all NBC shows tweeting a line each from the song dynamite, along with a GIF. It was one of the coolest things on Twitter today. Whoever thought of the promotional strategy deserves a raise, or at least some reward.

The boys sang their new hit with Fallon and The Roots. The result was another peppy version of their latest offing.

I really liked the Tiny Desk Concert that the boys did for NPR, it had a very relaxed vibe, with all of them sitting and singing with a live band playing behind them. It’s something they get to do very rarely.

“This is the first time we are performing Dynamite with a live band,” Kim Teahyung announced confidently in English as all the others nodded and smiled at the musicians. I saw the entire performance twice and even did a quick sketch of Jungkook singing with V sitting beside him.