Ugh, I feel so terrible as I begin to write the review of a “poetry” book I just finished reading. I picked the kindle book because the cover looked really nice and it was free for me. Perks of being a Kindle Unlimited member. Anyway, it’s called ‘Enter’ by Anshika Sharma and Mahesh Mali and the “poems” in the book are basically quotes.

Call me old school, but as someone who loves to read & write poetry, I don’t think 15 words make a poem. Heck, that sentence was longer than some of the “poems” in the book. I am not exaggerating and here’s proof. Following is a screenshot of a “poem” from the book.

Now you know why I keep putting the word poem in double quotes every time. Literally half the page was empty after that poem. I was misled by the cover.

Perhaps this is what they call ‘insta poetry’ these days. Just not my cup of tea. I’ve never read Rupi Kaur, but am starkly aware of her popularity. So I am pretty sure that there are a lot of people who perhaps would appreciate the quick four liners in this book. I don’t fall in that category.

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