I just saw another horrible animated film. Why God? Why? Oh wait, I am an atheist. Damn. Maybe that’s why.

‘Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters’ is a 2017 computer animated film available on Netflix and is just part one of a series. It’s got no charm. No heart. The animation is pretty pathetic. And the titular villain is a huge ugly chunk of what looks like a bunch of graphite slabs slapped together.

The plot is simple – humans and a bunch of other species that resemble humans have been driven out of their planets because of monsters. Earth is the only planet remaining with a sustainable environment that hasn’t been destroyed but is uninhabitable because Godzilla either killed or chased out the last humans. A huge spaceship with the only humans left have been looking for alternate planets to live in for over 20 years.

With their resources depleting, and the spaceship several light years away from earth, some are convinced that they should just go back to the blue planet. Their best bet to living a normal life again could only be by killing Godzilla and taking back control of what was once their home.

Except for the last few minutes of heavy fighting that’s sort of interesting, the rest of the film is pretty blah. There is an overload of jargon. Not a sliver of humor. And definitely no likable characters. I finished watching the film 20 minutes back and cannot remember any name. And have lost my will to google stuff and work for this review.

So in short – you are probably better off without watching this God-sized disaster. Or our tastes might differ.

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