*Sigh* I just took a deep breath to relax myself – I was laughing hysterically a few seconds back. What was so hilarious? Well, a ‘friend’ of mine, more like a ‘facebook friend’ (don’t you scoff at me, a lot of us have them these days, the kinds we just knew by the face and then received a friend request that we accepted because we didn’t want to be mean).

So this ‘friend’ of mine has been sharing teaser photos on Facebook, more like badly blurred pictures with cryptic messages like “watch out for this space” or “some big news is coming your way”. Although, even an idiot can guess that she is just trying to tell us that she is getting married. And we are going to be flooded with a lot of pre-wedding shoot pictures before she actually does tie the knot. I mean I don’t mind people announcing big news on Facebook, that is why it is there, to tell your friends what’s happening in your life. But what’s with all the advertising. Are you getting married or selling your marriage? And I remember writing about this before too, but of late again, I have been receiving trailer videos from ‘friends’ who are about to get married. Why on earth does someone need to get a trailer video for a wedding?

“Hey look at us, we are awkwardly smiling at the camera, now we are going to pretend like the boy said an awesome joke and I will blush like the newly wedded bride I am supposed to be. Oh wait, I can’t dance, but the photographer insists that we pose like we are doing an elaborate ball dance. So, umm, all right, we are going to pretend that we are dancing *more fake smiles*…..Zzzzzzzz”

Only last week, I received a 11 MB video of a pre-wedding shoot, that I tried downloading it for about 10 minutes and the stupid bulky file just wouldn’t download. And it was from a ‘friend’ who I probably last spoke to 12 years back. How could I miss watching a potentially hilarious video. I logged on to Facebook and found it and it was worth the effort.

Very evidently, it was a preview for an arrange marriage and the would be couple were pretending to be soul mates to some shady bollywood song I have never heard of. Oh such happiness.

There is one point where the girl is all googly eyed, running towards the guy (bollywood style) and the guy just shrugs and runs his hand through his hair. The subtext was more like:

Girl: Baby, I love you, I am going to do a slow love run towards ya, hold me in your arms, never let me go

Boy: Fuck that shit, I need to fix my hair. Ooh something smells nice *sniffs the air*

While other unmarried people probably do not like these videos, I am beginning to really like them. Although sometimes I am more embarrassed than amused when I see these videos. Maybe I need to re-evaluate the kind of choices I am making in my life.

Grins. Grabs popcorn for the next wedding video that comes my way.