So I was watching a movie, where the actress asks the hero if he is a ‘dumper’ or the ‘dumpee’ and he reveals how he had dumped all 6 of his exes. “I just know when to end it,” he says. She on the other hand reveals she has never dumped anyone. “I always try to make things work.”

And it makes you wonder, what is worse, being the dumper or the dumpee? Many people seem to take pride in the fact that they have never been dumped. But it does not necessarily mean that they were the better person in a relationship. Some people are just smart enough and take the initiative to end things before the other person can, to attain the coveted title of the ‘dumper’.

But if you are constantly being dumped, does it mean that you are a doormat? Why should you always be the one who tries to make things work. Maybe you should take time for yourself and leave the person who is giving you grief.

And then there are others, who keep praying that the other person dumps them, so that they do not emerge as the ‘bag guy’ or ‘bad girl’ when the relationship is over. I have noticed that this usually happens with people whose relationships are fairly stable, the kinds who are loved and adored by their friends. They are the beacon of hope, the ideal couple, but only on the outside. But things may not necessarily be explosively bad between them. So one just hopes that the other would take the drastic step towards the end.

There are obviously endless possibilities due to which one get left. There are the scary, abusive relationships, where violence and blood is an every day truth. There are other relationships, where there may be no physical cracks, but rot occurs in the soul. Jeez, now I am just rambling. But, it’s just that, when you hear someone ask a question like ‘are you a dumper or a dumpee’… you begin to wonder, who would you rather be?

The Dumper or the Dumpee?