Rating: 3 out of 5.

A serious successful dentist is forced to deal with a paranoid patient due to repeated requests from a senior doctor who he knows from medical school and soon a romance starts to brew between them. Directed by Ray Jiang, 2022 Taiwanese series ‘My Tooth Your Love’ follows two love stories, that of Bai Lang (Andy Wu) and his friend Zhou Cheng Hao (Alex Chou) who run a restaurant together. While Bai Lang falls for the aloof but charming dentist Jin Xun An (Yu Jin), Zhou is attracted to He Quin Tian (Michael Chang), a young new waiter they’ve hired at their establishment.

Spread over 12 episodes, the series is breezy and fun for most parts and largely due to the electric joyous chemistry between Andy Wu and Yu Jin who plays leads Bai Lang and Jin Xun An respectively. There was no need for a second romantic story, but the makers stuff go ahead and stuff in a third couple too. A lot of shows these days tend to have secondary couples who are far more interesting than the primary protagonists, but that wasn’t the case in ‘My Tooth Your Love’.

One of the strong points about the series is how it weaves in childhood trauma and mental health issues with a sweet romance, but the writers are unable to strike a smooth balance between the serious stuff and the fluffy love. Bai Lang and Jin Xun have some genuine grown-up conversations about their feelings, anxieties and how a relationship between the two can be challenging. But between the sensible relatable discourse, the writers slip in childish conversations and moments that would’ve made more sense in a teen romance.

Some parts of the series is too rushed, but it’s also filled with a lot of chunks to serve unnecessary sub-plots. A concise eight episode long series with primary focus on one lead couple instead of splintered stories would’ve worked better for ‘My Tooth Your Love’. Overall, it’s a decent one time watch for those looking for a romantic mini-series to watch on a weekend.

It’s a 6.5/10 from me.

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