Creators of the anime series ‘Spy x Family’ have lately been serving episodes that are more like ‘fillers’, with little do with the main mission of the tale and more to do with random shenanigans of the protagonists, yet, it continues to be fun. Titled ‘Mother and Wife/Friends and Groceries’ episode 24 has hero Loid Forger attempting to sort things out with wife Yor as she feels threatened by his new colleague Fiona. Meanwhile, Anya goes shopping with her rich school friend Becky.

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The new supporting character Fiona doesn’t actually make an appearance in this episode, but her presence looms strongly over Yor’s conscience. So, for the first time, Loid invites Yor for a drink to assure her that she has nothing to worry about. It was fun seeing the pseudo-couple out of their usual domestic setting and their meeting turned out be comical. Okay, maybe this wasn’t a filler episode after all, because the plot serves to advance the slowly-developing relationship between the two characters.

Anya on the other hand has made no progress with Damian Desmond, she is still not friends with him and has lost all hopes of excelling at education too. Becky thinks Anya has a crush on the boy and insists they go out shopping for fashionable clothes, so the two little girls have a memorable day out and viewers get some insights into Becky’s privileged life. While Anya has won over a great friend, it still remains to be seen if she can get close to Damian to help Loid Forger’s mission.

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