Finally an episode that bears direction connection to Loid Forger’s ‘Operation Strix’ in the anime series ‘Spy x Family’! Titled ‘First Contact’, Loid AKA agent Twilight finally comes face to face with his primary target Donovan Desmond at Eden Academy, the elite school where their children study. While Loid doesn’t have direct access to Donovan, he creates an opportunity to talk to the highly elusive man by using Desmond junior.

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Even though I’ve been looking forward to the story moving forward, ironically, this episode wasn’t as entertaining as the past few episodes, with minimal comic relief and zero action. The first few minutes were almost tedious and were spent in Loid explaining how tight the security at the school is for a meeting meant for ‘imperial scholars’ and their parents.

The character animation for Donovan Desmond is ghost-like and stands out like a sore thumb amid the other regular looking characters. Both viewers and Loid get very little insights into Donovan’s personality, he seems like a robotic distant father, who doesn’t care much for his little son. It’s going to be interesting to see how our hero spy will establish a relationship with the weird zombie-ish man to gather intelligence for his mission.

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