We all know Garfield as the lasagna-loving, nap-taking, sarcastic tabby cat extraordinaire! With a penchant for lounging around, an aversion to Mondays, and a talent for transforming any ordinary day into a hilarious adventure. So it’s not a surprise that Sony Pictures entertainment dropped the official trailer for Garfield on a Monday.

The 2-minute, 52-second trailer starts with a super-cute flashback of how Garfield met John as a sweet little kitten. The first few seconds actually seemed a little odd because “sweet” is rarely the first word that would come to fans’ minds when thinking of the spunky cat. But fret not; within seconds, the mood of the trailer changes, and we meet Garfield as we know him—the lazy cat who is the boss of John and not the other way around. And in an interesting twist, the movie focuses on Garfield going on an unexpected adventure with his dad Vic (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson).

While the animation may appear overly bright and cartoonish, it’s the characters and voice acting that promise to make the movie worth watching. Chris Pratt has lent his voice to the cat, and he sounds fantastic. Fans can expect the signature humor and charm they love from Garfield, and hopefully, the movie will deliver just that.