A short one day trip to an Indian village called Etikoppaka, famous for its wooden toys, turned out to be just as fun as it was expected to be. The place is filled with shops selling little wooden toys and other little lovely things made out of wood.

One can even go visit the work place of the craftsmen and seen them making the toys, it’s quite an interesting experience. And when you actually seem them toiling hard at getting the perfect finish, you understand the true worth of the stuff they make. The toys are made of lacquer colors are shiny and pretty. Most of the colors too are hand made out of leaves and then applied to wax for the lacquer. Well, since I do not have a good camera, I have put only a few pictures up here.

These little hand made things were so pretty.
These little hand made things were so pretty.
Little Indian Hand Made Figurines of Hindu mythological characters
We went to the factory and saw these guys working hard at making wooden toys
A closer look.