Not fair! Almost nothing concrete happens in Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village Arc’s episode eight except for an overdose of flashbacks! And just like the last edition, there’s still no sight of the exuberant Mitsuri Kanroji, while all the other slayers seem to be on their last breath.

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Titled “The Mu In Muichiro”, episode eight starts with Muichiro Tokito breaking free from the ghastly water pot. But instead of getting an intense action-packed faceoff between him and the demon Gyokko, viewers get a rather long and emotional back-story to how Muichiro became a swordsman. Even though he is an intriguing character, the timing of his flashback disrupts the flow of the tale, much like Genya’s tragic history in episode six.

This edition solely focuses on Muichiro, leaving viewers with no idea about what’s happening on Tanjiro’s side of the village. Fans can only hope that the next episode will make significant progress in the present battle between the demon slayers and the two top Upper Moons.

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